Thermal imaging offers the opportunity to learn the location of any ‘weak’ points in your building envelope. This could be missing insulation, air leakage or cold-bridging (see examples below). A simple, non-intrusive thermal survey is a cost-effective solution avoiding mess and can even find the location of leaks and electrical faults. If you are interested in this service then give us a call at studioEAST and we will outline how it works in more detail.


Costs can vary depending on the type, extent and location of your survey. Please call us for a quotation based on your brief.

Prices start at £95 for a simple survey consisting of approx. 1hr on site and production of a report e-mailed directly to you.

Level Time on site Cost
Typical Survey 1hr £95
1/2 day 3hrs £245
Full Day 7hrs £495

(above 30 miles from our office may incur an additional charge at 45p/mi)

All surveys include production of a report e-mailed directly to you. We will then advise you on a suitable course of action to resolve your problems and can even arrange for specialist contractors to carry out any work.

Our Equipment

The Flir InfraCam is a portable hand-held thermal imaging device which allows us to analyze any location whether from a distance or close up.

The images taken with this thermal camera are then uploaded to a our specialist analysis software and a report is created giving you the information you need.


Building Applications (domestic & commercial)

  • Insulation (missing, wet or damaged)
  • Location of underfloor heating pipes
  • Leak detection
  • Air leakage

Electrical & Mechanical

  • Location or analysis of faults

Chimney & Boiler Installations

  • Heat leak detection
  • Fault detection
  • Damaged flue liner detection

Plus: Night Vision and Oil & Gas Applications